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From safe office and home relocation to quick one-day parcel delivery, and interstate moving to cleaning services, have a look at our assortment of assured reliable services- all at pocket-friendly prices.

Planning for house shifting? Worried of the hassles and safety of your home items during the process? Let our trained and experienced professionals take care of it. Crafted to cater vivid needs and budgets, our house moving services will make the whole process a breezy affair!

From perfect packaging to safe delivery, everything will be done with utmost care, so you can kick back and enjoy while we shift your home the way you’ve desired it.

Equipped with the right tools and technologies, we’re among the most trusted brands to assist people in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney with their interstate moves. In last ten years, we have helped a slew of families and offices to have impeccable and enjoyable experience during their interstate moves. Get in touch with us to know our interstate move services, which are well-customized around individual needs.

The prices we offer are among the best in the market too. So, why look around as we’re here to ensure you best-in-class interstate moves at pocket-friendly prices.

Moving locally may not sound a too daunting task. But trust us, it can be a Herculean challenge, shifting all those things you own into your new apartment, house or office. Be it for residential moving or for commercial moving, it becomes crucial that all the things get safely transported without losing anything in transit or without damaging any of your prized appliances.

We at Urban Movers, being in the moving business for more than a decade, are there at your service to minimise your challenges and maximise your peace of mind.

Countryside moving brings with itself the dreaded task of taking all your belongings to the new location. In itself, it can be a big hassle as one has hundreds of possessions from small items to big appliances. There is the question of safety as well. Urban Movers is a prestigious moving company and, with a highly trained set of personnel, is at your behest to securely move all your things for you.

We bring trust and experience on the table. We have high-capacity moving trucks and our staffs are trained and have complete knowledge of how to handle even the most delicate of all items.

Moving your furniture can be a head-banging experience. One wrong step and you may end up damaging a delicate corner. Furniture means heavy items and it is no mean task to move them safely. Urban Movers is a safe mover in Australia and has multiple trucks of various tonne capacities. Our sound knowledge of handling and moving has helped us offer extremely fast services (including the same day delivery service) at the most reasonable prices.

Why take all the trouble when we can help you and take care of all your needs with complete safety and professionalism!

So you have decided to move and are looking to hire a truck and a couple of men to help you out with everything. Are you running from pillar to post or scratching your head unable to decide which mover to depend on? Urban Movers with its all-in-one solution and with 10+ years experience is your right answer. Believe us, we have been serving hundreds of clients and we have cemented a very warm relationship with each of them.

We offer two men and truck for hire at a very affordable price. We have trucks of different capacities according to your need and our men are well-trained and offer customised service as per the clients’ needs. Do call us and we assure you a very satisfying service.

Man with Van Melbourne

One Man with Mini Truck

Whether you are moving to a new city, state or to the countryside, it becomes imperative to seek professional help of guys who are movers. Even for commercial moving (like, if you are moving your business or office to a fresh location), dozens of people call us for services ranging from a man hire to a complete moving service.

As one of the more experienced professional removalists in Australia, we offer every kind of service including customised service and One Man with Mini Truck service. We are deft, smart, quick, safe and very pocket-friendly.

While relocating office may sound easy, it’s a way more intricate than you think. Managing the expensive furniture, important documents and files and those glass conference tables needs special skills and expertise that only a pro mover like us can have. We at Urban Movers have been doing this for a decade and hence are your ultimate companion to help relocating your office meticulously and marvellous.

No matter how big or small your office size is, our assortment of office relocation packages will get you covered. Have a look at the testimonials from our clients, and you’ll understand how adept and efficient we are. We have tools and trucks of different sizes to make it a breezy affair. We experts are just a call away.

Cleaning Service Melbourne

Cleaning Service

Are you in need of professional cleaning services? Look no further as we are here to help you. Widely known for flawless, on-time and affordable cleaning services in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, Urban movers is the solution you’re seeking. We have a team of trained and experienced cleaners who go up and above to give you satisfactory cleaning at your preferred time and in your preferred way.

Whether you need it for your office or home, we cater to both. And our prices are as reasonable as it gets. Call us today to get the quote as per your needs and budget. We will be happy to help you exactly the way you want.

Packing and Unpacking

The most crucial and probably the toughest part of a relocation is packing and unpacking your stuff. How that expensive wall clock should be wrapped up, how that delicate sofa should be covered and how those glass vases will be packed so they stay safe en route? These questions make the anxiety set in while you plan relocation of your home or office… But worry not as our professional packing and unpacking services are here to take that hassle away.

Whether you are moving within the city, or up for an inter-state relocation, our team of experienced professional will give that perfect and precise packing of your stuff that you are yearning for. One of the more reliable professional removalists in Australia, we are your best buddy for any kind packing and unpacking. With us, you kick back and relax at home knowing you items will be safe all along.

Packing Service Melbourne
Same Day Delivery Melbourne

Same Day Urgent Delivery

Looking for quick, safe and reliable one day Urgent delivery service? You have landed at the right place! We at Urban Movers specialize in urgent delivery services that promise you to get your parcel delivered at its designated place within same day. We always adhere to the time promised- that too without compromising on the quality. So, relax and enjoy knowing your urgent parcel will be delivered on time, safely. Depending on the parcel size, our rates vary. But they are assuredly the best in the industry just like our services. Give us a call if you wish to know more about our same day urgent delivery services.

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