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We realise how difficult and expensive relocating can be for yourself and your relatives, so we’re here to help you make it a stress-free and inexpensive experience. Urban Movers is a Maribyrnong removalists company based in Melbourne that provides hassle-free and fantastic furniture removalists services.


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Our Maribyrnong movers are highly trained professionals who understand how to handle delicate and easily broken things so that they reach in good condition. And, as our history refers, we are completely dedicated to giving the greatest possible quality for every single citizen with whom we deal. Removalists Maribyrnong makes your relocation day as worry-free as feasible by offering a zero-damage assurance to help you calm.

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Maribyrnong is located approximately 8 kilometres northwest of Melbourne. Between Raleigh and Wests roads, we’ve been relocating residential and business properties. We are now routinely shifting our business clients in and out of the Centerpoint Shopping Mall, which is one of our most frequented locations. Maribyrnong is densely packed with parks and animals along the Maribyrnong River; Our Maribyrnong Movers are extremely cautious when transporting and appreciate all live things.

Raleigh Route, which connects to Maribyrnong Drive on the east side of the river, is the primary route in Maribyrnong. To the west, it is known as Cordite Avenue. ‘Raleigh’ and ‘Cordite’ tell a lot about Maribyrnong’s history.

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Choose Urban Movers to ensure a seamless relocation.

  • Careful Preparation:
    We are mindful of our clients’ distress when they relocate to a new place. As a consequence, we are in favour of collecting the lead and arranging all aspects of packing and moving. Clever and extensive planning is essential to achievement at Movers Maribyrnong.
  • Packing and Keeping Your Things Confidently:
    You can be certain of the efficiency of your packing and moving with Movers Maribyrnong. We are specialists in this sector. We ensure that your items are appropriately packed. In addition to packaging, we offer clients the option of keeping their belongings if necessary.
  • Maribyrnong Furniture Removalists at an Affordable Price:
    Maribyrnong Removalists provides the most cost-effective removals and moving services. We are well-known for our realistic strategy and excellent standard of support.
  • Relocating Is Valuable:
    Reliable Furniture Removalists Maribyrnong has a large selection of the industry’s best vans and trucks. Our trucks come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate all of your belongings. We ensure that our trucks are as dependable as feasible when carrying your products and that deliveries are organised so that they do not come into touch with transit.
  • Packaging Techniques That Work:
    One of the most crucial elements of moving is packing. Even the tiniest error or incompetence in packaging can result in damage to your products during transportation. Hiring professionals like Urban Movers can be very useful. We employ cutting-edge packing goods and procedures to properly pack and transport our clients’ possessions to their new location.

Rather than planning for your move, it is preferable to engage the help of expert Furniture Removalists Maribyrnong, who can truly make the procedure much simpler. Urban Movers would gladly assist you with any of your relocation needs.

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