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When it comes to preparing for your relocation, one of the essential things to consider is the expense of relocating homes in Melbourne. Whether you employ experienced Removalists Melbourne or do it yourself, the estimated price of average cost to pack and move a 4 bedroom house is around $175.00/h.

It goes without saying that the size of your relocation will have a considerable influence on the Melbourne removalist costs; for example, relocating out of a 1-bedroom flat will be substantially less expensive than relocating out of a two-story house.

Average Cost Of House Moving In Melbourne, VIC

The following are some common expenses involved with shifting house, hiring removalists in Melbourne:

S No.



Truck Size



1 to 2-bedroom Apartment

24 m³

4.5 Ton



2 to 3-bedroom House

35 m³

6 Ton



3 to 4-bedroom House

45 m³

8 Ton



4+ Bedroom House

55 m³

10 Ton



Large Container

65 m³

12 Ton


Generally speaking, all licensed and cheap Removalists Melbourne estimate prices at an hourly rate of roughly $130* per hour, containing two movers and a vehicle. The same is true if you rent your moving vehicle. You will pay approximately $80 per hour, but you’ll be responsible for finding workers to help you load and unload the vehicle. Because our the best Removalists Melbourne are well-trained to operate swiftly and efficiently, hiring highly qualified removalists in Melbourne might end up being less expensive than relocating on your own. Using expert furniture removalists melbourne will also significantly reduce the likelihood of incurring costly property loss.

The average cost to relocate a house, or how much does a removalist cost in melbourne? There are many Various reasons to contribute to the cost of moving home, including hard house accessibility, multiple staircases, a considerable distance from one location to another or from one house to a depot, a considerable number of large items, and a greater quantity of furniture or delicate items than typical. Your top removalists melbourne should be able to present you with an accurate price to prevent any surprise expenditures at the end of your relocation process.

When you hire professional removalists in Melbourne, you can use additional services. These moving services may involve extra charges. However, they can be handled by cheap furniture removalists melbourne in order to make your relocation journey as stress-free as possible.

  • Specialised Packaging Materials
  • Insurance for Shipping of Items
  • Packing and Unpacking Services

How Much Does It Cost to Move in Melbourne?

You live in Melbourne and want to know what is the cost of house moving? Expert Melbourne Removalists are available to help people who need help relocating properties. House Moving is not something that most people do regularly, so when it comes to relocating to Melbourne, it is advisable to hire reliable melbourne furniture removalists to ensure that the task is done correctly. The house relocation costs of hiring home removalists in Melbourne is a significant issue for most individuals when making this decision. Interestingly, the majority of professional removalists offer relatively comparable rates.

When receiving quotations for your future move, be sure to select AFRA-affiliated and industry recognised companies. In order to ensure a seamless transfer, it is best to hire expert removalists in Melbourne if you are going to invest money in them.

Cost of House Moving in Melbourne

For regular movements, including one truck and two men, the house moving cost is determined on an hourly basis of $115 – $175 per hour* from pickup to drop-off, with a minimum of one vehicle and two specialists required. Variations can arise when conditions such as lack of accessibility to the location or additional workers, weekend schedule, or heavier-than-usual loads occur. Removalists typically take a minimum of 2 – 3 hours to relocate an apartment, with periods ranging from 4 to 6 hours needed to relocate a whole house or business facility.

In order to receive an accurate estimate of the cost of moving, See our moving tips and checklist for a stress-free relocation. It is vital to call a couple of local Melbourne removalists in your region and get a free, no-obligation quotation. Professional furniture removalists Melbourne will wow you with their prompt follow-up, and they may even provide you with an online price if that is what you want.

It is worth the investment, especially considering that most removals companies charge between $350* and $1200*. They are well-trained and physically capable of lifting your stuff. Attempting to move on your own without the assistance of professionals might put you in great danger for physical stress, injuries, and logistical difficulty.

To get an accurate estimate for the cost of your professional removalists in Melbourne, call Urban Movers for a complimentary, no-obligation quotation. Call the toll-free number 1300-587-226.


* These rates are likely to fluctuate and are based on several criteria such as seasonal fluctuations, the difficulties of accessing locations, the number and kind of items to be transported, the distance of the properties, and the unique conditions of the customer.