man with a van in summer

Are you relocating during Summer in Melbourne? Despite the fact that Australia’s major cities do not get snow, the weather may still be rainy, chilly, and wet. The process of relocating during the summer months requires just a little additional attention and preparation to be successful. We’ve compiled our top recommendations for relocating throughout the summer months.

Hire a Skilled Man With a Van Movers

When it comes to moving people’s furniture and valued possessions, Urban Movers offers experienced Man With a Van services. Everything you need for a successful move is here, including disposable drop covers and packing items. All of our vehicles and Man With a Vans are meticulously maintained to provide a worry-free ride, even in the heaviest of summer rainfalls. Although our man with a van removalists have a lot of expertise, it’s not just about their trucks and equipment. Our man with a van prices melbourne are affordable and the best in the moving industry. Our man with a van removals are experienced in moving in all weather conditions, including rain, hail, and sunshine, while keeping your property dry and secure. Because of the risky driving conditions created by heavy rain and a hired truck driver who has no prior expertise with large trucks, doing your own relocation during the summer may be a difficult task.

Prevent Damage to the Floors

The weather throughout summer is unpredictable, and unexpected rain might occur at any moment – particularly in Melbourne. Heavy-duty plastic sheets should be used to protect the flooring of your new house, with old sheets placed on top of them to avoid sliding on wet plastic sheets. On moving day, place them in high-traffic locations to ensure maximum visibility. Protect the whole floor, whether it’s made of wood or tiles, since dirt and muck will find their way everywhere. The doors will also be left open a lot, which means that rain will be able to easily pour through them and into your home. If you can, cover the flooring of the house you’re leaving, so you don’t have to worry about additional cleaning fees.

Specialised Packing Materials

Moving boxes made of cardboard are not as effective as specialised packing materials when it comes to protecting your valuables in rainy weather. Our environmentally friendly packing containers are watertight and include closures to keep the items safe from the weather. Strong and durable construction, as opposed to cardboard that will break if exposed to water or plastic containers that are prone to breaking. Our Man with a Van van movers Melbourne will also deliver our plastic containers to your doorstep and pick them up once you have moved, all at no additional cost to you!

When Relocating, Take Care of Utilities

Prior to moving into a new home, if necessary, set up the services. If you can’t, make sure they are activated prior to the move-in day. Your first night should be cool and enjoyable, not hot and damp! However, it is beneficial to operate the air conditioners during the relocation, since they may help air out the home if they have still not been switched on in a while. Frequently, when an air conditioner is switched on after being shut off for an extended period, it produces a slight odour.

Organise Your Summer Clothes

Maintain a container in your vehicle for your seasonal summer clothing, which should be properly marked. Several days’ worth of summer clothing, plus rain gear like umbrellas and rain boots, are all you need. This means that even if your home is still crammed with boxes awaiting unpacking, you may dress in your winter clothing and coat and stroll to the neighbourhood coffee shop the day after relocating! With Urban Movers on your side, moving during the summer does not have to be a stressful ordeal, even if the weather is less than perfect.