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Packing can be time-consuming. For your convenience, removalists Melbourne always recommends starting the job a few days before the moving day. And when packing, you may encounter a variety of issues with both large and small items. So, today we’ll look at how you can pack the smaller items before calling for the moving Company.


Making the Correct Material Selections for Small Item Packaging


We are aware that you will need to select the appropriate packing material for the larger items. The majority of people do not, however, mention that packing smaller materials has the same implications.

Careful packing is necessary for fragile smaller objects in addition to fragile appliances and furniture. And you’ll need to obtain the proper packing supplies for that.

Using Little Boxes for the small item

In the smaller boxes, you will undoubtedly pack the smaller stuff. But, you must first make sure the packing material is sturdy before you begin to pack.

Although cardboard boxes come in a variety of characteristics, they are the most used type of packaging material. Choose thick corrugated boxes to preserve fragile things, as they can provide good protection.


Use bubble wrap on the small, valuable items.


We’ll assume you’re handling the tiny items alone. So, using bubble wrap within the cardboard boxes is wise to advise from the Urban Movers since they successfully protect small fragile objects like kitchen utensils, decorative items, etc. while they are in transit.

The purpose of these bubble wraps is to shield things from bumps and collisions. They are inexpensive and are available at any hardware shop.


Use paper to wrap the smaller things for further protection.


Paper is always used in packing since it provides additional protection against impacts, and there are many different types of packing materials on the market that you can use. These include kraft paper, greaseproof paper, and baking paper.

Although baking paper may withstand water and oil, it cannot provide adequate defence against moisture. In contrast, the greaseproof paper offers the best protection against moisture, and kraft paper is the strongest of all.

It is a sturdy paper that is made specifically for packaging items for transportation.


Larger items should be packed with smaller items.


Moving companies in Melbourne always recommend packing small tools like screwdrivers, scissors, and so on with the furniture because it will help you better organise the items when you unpack them in your new location.

However, make sure to pack them in a small box or bag and attach it to the wall, or insert it inside furniture if there is enough space.


Ask your mover about specialised crating if you’re transferring pricey paintings.


Learn how to safely pack artwork for moving. Oil paintings should never be wrapped in regular paper because it will cause them to stick. Make masking tape across the glass when packing pictures for moving to strengthen it and keep it together if it shatters. The pictures should then be wrapped on paper or bubble wrap and placed in a frame box with a piece of cardboard between each framed piece for safety.


Learn how to move a TV and pack it.


Some movers wrap TVs in quilted furniture pads in the same way they would any other piece of furniture. Plasma tv screens, on the other hand, must be transferred in special wooden crates if the original box is missing and can be broken if laid flat. If you’re packing your own television, double-box it by placing the TV box inside another box padded with packing paper.


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