Moving tips

If you’re moving house in Melbourne, (Urban Movers) you’ve probably thought about how much time it will take to pack everything. It is not necessary to be a rocket scientist to pack your belongings, but there is a science and an art to doing so. As soon as you begin packing, you will often realize just how many things you actually have – at this point, you will get a “packing headache.” Furthermore, the headache may last for several days because it will take several days to organize and pack everything in preparation for moving day.

How Long Does It Take to Move?

Many people believe that time is money, and that time is the most valuable item. You should always allow plenty of time when packing. A fast-packing effort will result in a messy trip because of the lack of time to plan ahead. Take care of yourself, please! Moving into a new home will make you appreciate how well-prepared you are now. 4 to 6 weeks is the best amount of time to plan and pack for a move. Time is money!

Think about de-cluttering your home.

‘Does this bring me joy?’ is a good question to ask when decluttering. When you’re packing for a move, you have the perfect opportunity to do a complete clean-out. Almost everything in your house will be handled during the packing process. It gives you the best opportunity to avoid wasting time on items that will not add value or ‘spark joy’ in your new house. One room at a time, declutter. It becomes overpowering otherwise. At the start of the 6-week relocation period, declutter. Packing becomes easier if you bring less!

Before You Move in, Organize Your New Home.

While the term “arrange” is easy to say, getting it right can be a challenge. While you’re packing up your old place, get started on your new one. It gives you a clean slate with all the trimmings. Consider factors like how you want to arrange your items in the new house when preparing for the move How, for example, will you arrange and keep your belongings? Purchase storage boxes and pack them now, so that unpacking will be as simple as putting the boxes into the cabinet when you get there. Using a measuring tape, take measurements of the cupboard space in your new house so you can buy the correct sized boxes (don’t forget you can hire eco-friendly moving boxes from Urban Movers or receive them *free when you book our Removalists services).

Sort and label moving boxes.

As you pack, group your boxes and label them for easy moving. People put things like glass and electronics in different boxes. One of the best things to do is to group and pack by room. Unpacking is just a lot more fun when you have a little help. The person who unpacks will thank the person who packed. labelling will help you know where to put each item when you get it out of the box. Classifying things will help you not to lose them. The labelling will also help you keep track of the things you own, so you don’t forget anything.

Storage of Moving Boxes

Those boxes are all packed and labelled now. What do you need to do next? People who follow our 9 best tips for moving house still have some time before the big move. In this case, our eco-friendly plastic moving boxes really come into their own and help out. It is easy to stack them with lids so you can keep them out of the way.

Keep Valuables Safe

Do not put your important things in a moving box. The things you have that are valuable aren’t just jewellery. Legal documents like birth certificates, medications, and your kids’ favourite teddy bears are all important things. Keep these things close together and in one bag or suitcase if you can. Put them altogether if you can. A person should always be in charge of where it is at all times when you move.

Respond to the Removalists

Make the removalists work as soon as they arrive at your door. Don’t make them wait for you to disassemble your bed after you’ve spent the night in it; they’ll move the heavier stuff first. Eat take-out for the next few days to avoid running out of food in your fridge and freezer. In essence, you’re going camping in your house, which serves as the tent.